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I don't buy he doesn't want to do worlds...I think he likes the world titles. Just think last summer after failing to make Rio in the marathon he raced the 10,000m trials with no preparation which showed how bad he wanted to go to Rio...he could of just focused on marathons at that point

- After failing to make it to Rio, he (Jos Hermans) said Bekele wants to race in London against Farah in the 10,000m

- after his success in Berlin, he again stated he wanted to race WC in London..probably now referring to marathon.

- now in this most recent news release, he states he wants to race WC if selected.

I think he wants to get another world title[/quote]

I agree with you.

Based on everything I know or think I know, if KB says he wants to do the WC 10K, he really wants to do it. Taking a shot at Mo on the track in the 10K is too serious a thing to be trivial about. KB knows if Mo wins another 5k/10k double, putting aside his XC and marathon victories, Mo will be with out a doubt, the greatest track distance runner ever. In fact, Mo will be only behind Bolt and perhaps Carl Lewis for the greatest track and field athlete ever.
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