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Alberto Stretti is now posting his thoughts on medium. In his latest post, he has a statement from Canova on what he think about Bekele committing to Dubai and London and London WC.

We suggest you read it in its entirety here:

A few key things Canova says.

1) He says Bekele isn't going to the WChamps after the London Marathon. It's just one of those things where a Kenyan or Ethiopian always say they want to do World Champs marathon but never end up doing it.

2) Before coaching Bekele, Canova thought he raced too much but having coached him, he realizes it's important for Bekele to race often. He says Bekele gets lazy if he doesn't have a race to shoot for. He think Bekele should stay at 90% all the time and then try to pop up to 100% for big races.

3) He doesn't think Bekele will get the WR in Dubai. It sounds like it's almost a prep race for London. Here are his words on Bekele in Dubai.

"About Dubai, I really do not think it can attack the record. The idea was to run for a slightly shorter time to 2:04 ‘, as a “long-specific”, and trying to London, which is for sure more difficult as course, but also more important as the image. But with Kenenisa you can never say …."
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