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This is kind of funny. They'll take out $70k/yr in student loans and they'll have to wait 5-10 years before they work their way into a job that pays $70k/yr.

But in all seriousness, who cares. Congress will be forgiving ALL student loans while overhauling the financial aid system to keep this disaster from happening again. So might as well take out the loans while you can and get them forgiven.

There's too much research now proving that student loans are costing the economy 1%+/yr. When Trump hears this he will make the tough decision to forgive all current loans and overhaul the system.

Excuse me, this thread is about short-sighted boomers and their hypocrisy. Please do not deviate from the subject.[/quote]

Explain. How can you lump an entire age--educated 40 to 50 years ago-- cohort into the current cost of college education? At one selective school in particular? Education was affordable in the 1950s - 70s and 80s. Not so much now. But what's your point?
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