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I talked with Dan Baxley, Kip's friend (is this guy a real person or Kip himself? Given Kip made up names to west wyoming finishers, one can never know for sure).

He came onto the original kip litton thread #1 in October or November 2010 and defended Kip with a potty mouth - you guys in on the kip litton thing at the very beginning may remember.I believe he stopped posting because when he had tried to respond on a forum thread, a letsrun trivia question popped up which he couldn't answer - you guys know - that question that comes up when someone replies on an outdated thread. Today, he still believes that because all the evidence is circumstantial and there were no witnesses, Kip is innocent and a victim. He states, "All I have seen is circumstantial evidence, none of which is ever corroborated by an actual witness. All of this evidence has alternate explanations besides Kip cheating. And no one has presented any credible reason as to what someone like him would have to gain from cheating, or why he would do so. So let's leave it at that."
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