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P White wrote:

I'm not saying either are using anything.

I 100% believe that people are less likely to question one of their own that foreign athletes though.

To their credit, the Letsrun guys have been to the forefront of questioning PED use in sport and their attitude in directly questioning an athlete like Carmelita Jeter is what we need more of from journalists.

Here we have a skinny US distance guy running a mile time that myself and many others find difficult to believe. It needs to lead to questions. Hopefully those questions give us more evidence that Rupp is clean but they need to be asked.

Honestly, rupp was a 5k and 10k guy in high school and still managed a 4:01 mile. Its no secret that 3 or 4 years ago they got more serious about speed and he ran several 800s and mile races, including a 1:49 while still being 50000 and 10000 guy. Sure not many american milers can run 3:50, but how many could run 4:01 in high school while not being a miler?? How many high schoolers could run under 13:40? Just rupp.
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