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I don't want to go inside a preview, also because I'm personally interested with some athletes.

But I ask you : why do you continue to speak about Dubai as "short race" ?

I was there last year, and I had several athletes running their PB. I followed the race within a car of the organisation, and I had the splits for every km : everything was perfect.

In all my life, I never found a marathon with so perfect conditions : weather very dry, no wind, temperature of 12° at the start and 12° at the end, perfect tarmac, no turns. Under technical point of view, better than Berlin and Eindhoven, that in my opinion are the fastest courses in the World.

I give you some detail :

Yemane Adhane (winners in Rotterdam, with a very strong wind, on 15.04 with 2:04:48) in Dubai ran 2:06:29

Dawitt Shami (7th in Dubai in 2:05:42) on 29.04 won in Hamburg, course more hard, in 2:05:58 after running between 30 and 40 km in 28:57

Deressa Chimsa (8th in Dubai together Shami in 2:05:42) later won Prague (13.05) in 2:06:25, won silver medal in WHMCh and, 3 weeks later, was 2nd in Frankfurt (very close Makau) in 2:06:52 on 28.10

Aberu Kebede (5th in Dubai with her PB of 2:20:33) later won Berlin (30.09) improving again to 2:20:30

Atsede Baysa (8th in Dubai in 2:23:13) won Chicago on 7.10 in 2:22:03.

Since several of these athletes use my programs (Shami, Chimsa and Aberu Kebede), and I know very well their real shape in Dubai and later, I explain again that the conditions, absolutely perfect, gave an advantage of about 1:30 compared with the conditions of the past, when humidity became very high during the last 40' of the race, and there was wind against during the last 7-8 km (one year a lot of rain with Haile trying the WR, who had to slow down a lot at the end).

Weather conditions have an influence on the performances very much higher than the course. And always you must know the specific data for every marathon, before jumping at wrong conclusions.
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