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Cali HS's don't go to Penn? Where is long beach poly from again? Ca is the most famous US state at penn a lot of years. Everyone who follows the sport knows that f'tard. And poly isn't the only team from Cali.

A whopping 4 high schools from California went to Penn last year. You'd have to be a total retard (you are) or an arrogant east coaster to believe that most California schools even THINK about Penn. Many go to Mt. Sac, stupid. Even if they wanted to spend the money to go to Penn, the timing conflicts with getting ready for league championships in California, which is how they get to State.

More high schools from out of state competed in just the 3200 at Arcadia than there were California schools bothering to go to Penn. By and large WE DON'T CARE. People from around the nation come HERE to compete, much more than the other way around.
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