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Next Race: Maybe 5K or mile at Armory track meet in January.
Goal race: sub 34 10K at Scotland Run in Central Park in early April or Newport 10K in early May.

Monday: Easy 4 (7:23/mile)
Tuesday: 7.5 on hilly country roads (turned into progression run to get home for Christmas family time/etc - 6:29/mile)
Wed.: gym at lunch, evening easy 4 (7:50/mile).
Thu.: 2 mile WU, 30 minute fartlek, 2 CD (8.5 total)
Fri: Easy 5 (7:05/mile). Gym as well.
Sat.: Easy 6 (7:19/mile)
Sun. easy 10 (6:59/mile).

Total: 45

Decent week of base building despite detoriating weather. Today had 30+mph wind gusts and snow/slush all over park so I was happy just to have stayed on my feet.

I had only been doing push ups/pull ups for about last 5 weeks but am at cross roads of getting back to more regular strength workouts in addition to running.
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