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Another: How long did it take to calibrate the foot pod? Considered getting one. Also, how far/close are the pod and treadmill distances, if you looked?

Short term goal: Half in baton rouge 1/20
Long term goal: Boston

Mon: 10 + 6.75 easy (16.75)
Tues: 9.25 + 7 easy (16.25)
Wed: 8 + 5 easy (13)
Thurs: 14 (10mi progression) + 6 (20)
Fri: 8 + 5 easy (13)
Sat: 20 long (4x2mi) (20)
Sun: 7 easy (7)
Total: 106

Thus: 10 mi progression with 2 up and down. 59:27. 615,611,606,602,602,558,550,546,545,532. Was supposed to be 9mi but felt good and took it another mile.

Sat: 20 with 4x2mi mixed in. 2:18:45. 12:42, 12:31, 12:19, 12:11. Pretty dang tired. Usually have 2 days between workout and long run but I am at work today and had to get it in Sat. Happy with the run and the week. Highest in a long time.
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