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Runners World is reporting that Kweder twice attended the "University of the Cumberlands in Lexington, Kentucky, where he holds the school records for the 3000-meter steeplechase (9:05) and 5000 meters (14:34)."

University of Cumberlands is not in Lexington. It's in Williamsburg, KY almost 2 hours away.,+KY&daddr=University+of+cumberlands&hl=en&sll=37.6,-95.665&sspn=45.871627,107.138672&geocode=FQh0RAIdXJP2-ikl65zMKURCiDHdT4yQQYPwhA%3BFS2RMAIdHsX7-iF5qrIjQMMhYilTpwTul-ZciDF5qrIjQMMhYg&t=h&mra=ls&z=9
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