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joho wrote:

Best of luck with the running and especially your health.

For reference, what kind of runner were you before cancer? If you have another thread where your history has already been told I would appreciate a link if available.

Probably easier to put it here to reduce the chance of a link getting wacked. I started running in 8th grade. Ran slow (like almost 20 minutes for 2 miles slow). I kept at it, got into the 16's at the end of high school and ran around 15 flat for 5k/32 for 10k in my mid-20's. Nothing amazing, but, going from nearly 20 minutes for 2 miles to running sub 10 was pretty good in my book. I was literally twice as fast. High mileage, low mileage, crazy mileage. I've tried just about everything. I quit racing in the mid-2000's after getting married, having kid, lots of insane work related stuff. I could still pop 18 flat on a bad day for 5k but was working like 90 hours a week, 2 kids (well, 3, but one was brand new, an infant), remodelling/trying to sell a house, etc. I moved where I live a few years ago and thought I was ready to get back on track (early 30's more stable job). When I was diagnosed I was running 50-60 mpw at anywhere from 6:30-8:00 pace. So, being told, "Hey, you've got incurable cancer and are probably going to die in less than 12 months" was a little surreal in the midst of being a healthy, athletic, non-drinker who doesn't do drugs, smoke or any of that stuff.
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