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I was running if you can call it that. I actually walk a little faster than I run now. As far as chilling until done with chemo... My dad is friends with the head of a major hospital's radiology department, so, he's always picking his brain about things. He'll tell my dad stuff he would never mention to people professionally, but, he knows to be true. His comment is that he would get run out of town if he said this as a medical professional, yet, on a one-to-one, personal basis, he can share it, clearly indicating this is not something you can hold him liable for. With regards to chemo he said the most important thing I can do for myself is to boost my immune system and stay strong and healthy. Chemo, radiation and surgery just tear people up. The only thing most normal people can do to combat this is fight with everything they have. He says the biggest problem he sees is people checking in with regards to their health. They take this passive mentality of "I've got cancer and I can't do anything". Nonsense he says. Sure, there are times when it is impossible to exercise because the side effects may be so harsh. With what they give me (a one hour bag five days a week once a month) I get run down for about a week and a half. Yet, exercise helps me feel better, gets it out of my system, and, mentally boosts my reserves. The stuff I'm on now (or will be shortly) is not that bad compared to many others.
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