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Reading about his subsequent troubles I always hoped he would pull through and turn out better for it like I had. To hear about his death yesterday was very sad and for me it made me look back and think how lucky I was to have not died during some of my lower times. I hope he rests in peace, I will always remember him for his amazing races and how he inspired me. Looking at how healthy I am now and how much happier I am I really wish he could have found that.

RIP Sammy Wanjiru

Thank you for sharing your story. I've not had a drinking problem, but Sammy's troubles resonate with me, as they do with many of us. A friend in the area does have a problem with drinking, and admitted this to me a year ago. I think I could help him but feel he is not serious about wanting to change, and I've not talked with him since. I'd like to see him get it together and keep having a destructive affect on his family, but feel that what he does is none of my business. I would feel I was intruding if I tried to talk with him about it. Perhaps I could go by and say hello to him though.

Sammy's passing has affected me, and I've been quite emotional today, in tears quite a lot. I don't even know why this is. I told a friend of his passing yesterday, and burst out in tears. Maybe it has to do with Sammy having reached the pinnable in running, and yet the reality of the world, that we all have to face, struck him down.
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