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That blog story is so true for more collegiate runners than you or the running community will ever know.

Can you give us some examples? Some real-world stories from other runners would be really helpful to all of us.[/quote]

Fiction or not, anyone who doesn't think this type of thing doesn't currently go on at many DI schools is incredibly optimistic - but most likely delusional.

Even coaches that don't want to promote eating disorders have trouble properly dealing with them. Obviously the athlete herself is in denial and pretty much never wants treatment. And if you are just going to go by what other athletes are saying or by looks, where do you draw the line? There are few reliable objective measurements.

The truth is there it would be incredibly difficult to find one DI team that didn't have at least one girl with an eating disorder.

Unfortunately, some teams seem to breed them and this often has to do with the callousness of the coach - many going far enough to encourage it.

I dont know where you are going to find "real-world" stories as most women don't want to have this very personal issue widely publicized, but that doesn't mean that these things aren't going on. Just take a close look at the women competing at Pre-nats and NCAA's each fall.
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