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Where do I say I agree with the coach? But if I find out a friend/teammate has a serious mental and physical illness, I don't just think how quickly I can inform on them, I think about how I can offer support - like maybe letting her know you know she has a problem, offering to take her to a counsellor, expressing concern and love for her, suggesting we go together to see the coach, maybe try to convince her to talk to her parents (and if that doesn't work, letting her know I'm talking to the coach and to her parents or a doctor because I want her to get the help she needs) - all of those things seem more productive than just going "ew, disgusting, I thought she was so perfect and now it turns out she has a disgusting disorder, I'll run right to the coach and bitch about her" instead of offering any help or support. And when the coach doesn't listen does she go to see a doctor or counselor to figure out what to do or does she just get resentful and jealous? Is there any thing in that blog that shows any compassion or concern for her teammate, or does she call her "disgusting" and then get pissed that she's still considered perfect by the coach? THis isn't a teammate genuinely concerned about something that could kill or seriously damage her teammates health, she just seems like a bitch who's glad to have her teammate exposed as less pretty and perfect than she thought she was.

This dichotomy of concern versus digust that you point out make me think that a lot of the story is fictionalized if not entirely fictional.
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