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You simplistic, binary types don't get it: YES THE WIND HELPED. But it wasn't the only factor, and while it helped improve times COMPARED TO OTHER BOSTONS by as maybe much as three minutes for some of the athletes, it didn't improve PB (loop course) levels by near as much as that. Renato just showed that.

It is likely that the top runners ran as fast as they did because of the wind, the temps, the pacing AND BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FASTEST RUNNERS EVER TO RUN THE COURSE.

This is called "multifactorial basis" and it is something that happens in a place we call the real world. When Mutai drops almost two minutes off his PB when almost no one else did (except Geb G who had slow-course PB from a tactical race), he brought something special to the table, in addition to the ideal conditions.
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