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Study of K.Litton Running wrote:

Yes, and some of these finishers at this "West Wyoming Marathon" are Athlinks members, but when you click on their names to see their times at other races, there are no other performances. so do these people exist?

Here's an exception though - one guy with other performances besides Wyoming (may be a real person)

Then When you click on that profile, someone named Kevin Leddy, out of Kip's state (Michigan), posted "

Kevin Leddy wrote at 11:02 PM Jan 11:
Hi Joel, How did you like the West Wyoming Marathon? I see the website is down. I will be vacationing out there this year around that time Do you think they will run it next year? Thanks, Kevin"

MC wrote:
Hahaha pretty sure that's someone reading this thread since it was posted like 45 minutes ago.

Anyway, this is NOT the same Joel Hernandez.
In 2007 this guy was 39:
In 2010 Joel Hernandez in the West Wyoming Marathon was 40.

Looks like a result that was automatically added into some random person's profile just because he has a common name

Interesting that Kevin's friendly note about the West Wyoming Marathon is no longer on Joel Hernandez's Athlinks page. Now why would "Joel" delete such a friendly inquiry? lol.
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