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IP Man,

Could you be so kind as to explain to those of us who are not totally up on internet tech stuff the significance of the etc websites having the same IP addresses - I interpret that as the WWM, pinehills website were created by the same person at the same computer/network site.

What is the sig of all those other website which include kl's dental site? Did he create all those web domains?

Getting back to the 'why:' Could someone or multiple people be trying to pull off a charity scam by raising money through a dean karnases-like stunt (running multiple races ...etc) with the money being ultimately funnelled somewhere where the donors did not intend - if you get my drift.
I mention this because there is not sufficient prize money even from snickers pulblicity to make it workth it. Other likely reason is sheer narcissism. We will likely never know, hypothetically speaking of course.

All the sites listed have the same IP address, meaning they resolve to the same internet location. That location is hosted by, a huge internet hosting company. Likely they are hosted by a 1and1 reseller, who buys space and bandwidth from 1and1 and sells it to other people for their sites.

KL could be that reseller but I doubt it. The various sites are from all over the country and in lots of different industries. Some of them are credited to different design companies. More likely is that this is a small-time reseller making extra money on the side (the fees from the sites alone probably aren't enough to constitute a living).

Like the running results, this doesn't by itself mean that KL has made up those races and the sites for them. He could claim that he bought space for his dental practice site from the same reseller as the race sites. It's possible but it'd be an incredible coincidence. The fact that he is so far the only verified runner in those races and that he is verified as hosting his site at the same IP as their sites is just more circumstantial evidence against him.
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