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I just looked up every finisher on marathonguide (didn't take long for a race with only 29 finishers). Not one of them has ever run a marathon other than West Wyoming!

There are a few that *might* be real: Theresa Walker, Michael Smith, Susan Wells, Ian Davis, James Larsen - for each of these there's another person that could possibly be the same but with a different hometown, 1-year age difference, etc. and they don't all have very consistent times - Susan Wells, for instance, ran a 3:27 in Top of Utah but a 4:59 in West Wyoming??

Then I compared every single name against the 50 state marathon club list ( and the Marathon Maniacs list ( NOT ONE OF THEM IS IN EITHER GROUP!

Wyoming only has 3 marathons so you'd expect to see a LOT of 50-staters at any marathon there. Especially during 4th of July weekend when your only other options are Leadville, CO or Portland, OR.

I'm not ready to say this wasn't a real marathon...but it's very suspicious...
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