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Liptodakip wrote:

Still curious about the west Wyoming marathon. 29 runners total. And he won it. Anyone know anything about it? Is it a real race? The main page is down and now the results are gone. ( was up last week). did he make up an entire race? That would be bold!

Read the one comment posted for the Wyoming marathon:

"Small race, with only a couple dozen runners. Bring your own gels; only water is available on course. Out-and-back route. No spectators to speak of. Sounds like a downer, but the view and the town are so worth it! Cross Wyoming off of your list and visit one of the most beautiful towns in the US at the same time."

Submitted by G.S. from Nebraska, which matches to one runner: Greg Sanchez (M54) 4:39:26 21 14 / 2 M50-59 Lincoln, NE, USA

Coming from a salty 54 year old, the review creates the impression that Greg is an experienced marathoner and probably a 50 stater. But type in his name at Marathon Guide and this is his only race! Our expert marathoner comes out of no where to join Kip for the 29 person race, and then vanishes along with all traces of the race. All links to it are dead.

Another Litton oddity that leaves you wondering if he did fake the whole race. I can't imagine Marathon Guide putting out too much effort to fact check a 29 person race, and it may be as simple as submitting some bogus results to Marathon Guide to turn them into an unwitting accomplice.
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