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While I think it's great that all you guys keep digging up evidence of what Litton has been up to, it seems like there is really only one way to stop him from cheating. Even if you find more irregularities, I doubt any race director is going to bother to DQ a guy a year after the fact, and even if they do this guy has no sense of shame.

1. Kip is still doing his 50 sub 3 hour marathons in 50 states.
2. From his athlinks, you can figure out which states he has NOT hit yet. No idea whether he's admitting that the ones where he got DQed don't count, so probably don't factor those into the potential targets list.
3. From this list, there will only be a handful of races coming up at any one time. Each week, post any potential marathons on letsrun.
4. Letsrunners from the area can notify race directors to be on the lookout, or follow Kip on a bike, or just run with him if they're already entered and are willing to do so.

That should stop him. If he's kept honest by having someone watch him in the race, he'll have to either drop out or run at his true 3:05-3:10 (just a guess) ability. Then hopefully this whole 50 sub 3s stunt will go belly up and he can move on to a different scam.
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