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No Scott, and I meant nothing personal by it. I am sure you know what the guy did and have the inside skinny with your connections, aka privlegde to the good stuff. You're a good guy and one heck of a finish line announcer which is not an easy thing to do. I am sure the Eastern Michigan lad appreciated hearing you bring him home during the last few hundred yards of the Freep this year.

Your wife and I actually ran side by side for many miles during the 1984 Freep Marathon. Who prevailed in front of who at the end, I won't say but her 2:42-43(?) marathon was nothing to sneeze at on a fairly warm day. That Sunday evening the Tigers won the World Series over the Padres. But in keeping on topic here, I will say that I was very, very young and I nor Karen recall seeing Kip there:). Just sayin':)
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