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Not being a jerk, but that's why I posted the Bayshore Marathon comment and yes, it's in Michigan.

I figured with all the info out there, it was already known what he did there. That guy did NOT drop 42 seconds per mile for the second half of the marathon on that course. Over 10 seconds per every 1/4 of a mile, anyone near by would have been talking about him to this day, but they aren't because it's awful hard to do when the person doing it is in ghost like form, aka doesn't exsist.

No one, I repeat no one runs the second half 42 seconds per mile faster than the first half. That second half time is probably fairly close to his open 10k pr. He may look good at the end, but if you jumped in that close to the finish line you'd look go to.

It's all a marathon shell game to this clown and like Oscar Miranda, I doubt you will see him running much anymore if at all. If you do the poor results will be blamed on "being injured". Smoke and mirrors.
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