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Starting several minutes after the gun is part of Dr. Litton's MO, that's been established. Nobody has made a link between that perfectly okay start strategy and what he does after he crosses the start line. His chip times are 3-5 minutes slower than gun time. Ponder on that all you want but unless you can make a connection between that & his missing pics, improbable splits, etc, you offer nothing to the discussion.

And, he won't be coming back to the Vermont City Marathon in '11. His goal is to run sub-3:00 in all 50 states. VT is no longer on his list.

I seem to recall that in one of the previously deleted threads - it was mentioned that Kip claimed that as part of his sub-3:00 in 50 states challenge, his charity got paid for each runner he past in the race, so he might claim a legitimate reason for starting late.

Of course that doesn't quite explain why he would use the same strategy in the BAA 5k.


You make my point - note Kip starts several minutes after the gun but fail to make anything of it. If you're going to talk about it, link it to his cheating. I think there's some connection but haven't figure it out yet. The explanation rings hollow because there's no difference in money pledged based on how many runners he passes and how many runners he finishes ahead of. Beyond that, it's immaterial to his cheating unless we can link it in some way.
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