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22nd KeyBank Vermont City Marathon & Marathon Relay
May 30, 2010 Marathon (USATF Certified VT02001WN) Burlington, VT
ChampionChip Timing by Granite State Race Services
Place Div/Tot Div 10mile Halfmar 20mile * Nettime Pace Guntime Name Age G Bib# City/state
===== ======== ===== ======= ======= ======= === ======= ===== ======= ======================== === = ==== =======================

41 7/218 M4549 1:03:21 1:23:22 2:10:39 2:49:02 6:27 2:53:36 Kip Litton 48 M 1609 Davison MI
How the hell did it take him that long to cross the start line? I'll admit, I really didn't care about this guy or this thread until I saw that he did a race that I ran in. Next year I'm gonna make sure that our entire contingent keeps an eye out for this guy. I'd like nothing more than for someone to completely call him out AS he is doing the deed.

Starting several minutes after the gun is part of Dr. Litton's MO, that's been established. Nobody has made a link between that perfectly okay start strategy and what he does after he crosses the start line. His chip times are 3-5 minutes slower than gun time. Ponder on that all you want but unless you can make a connection between that & his missing pics, improbable splits, etc, you offer nothing to the discussion.

And, he won't be coming back to the Vermont City Marathon in '11. His goal is to run sub-3:00 in all 50 states. VT is no longer on his list.
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