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Age Group Men Women
18-34 3hrs 00min 3hrs 30min
35-39 3hrs 05min 3hrs 35min
40-44 3hrs 10min 3hrs 40min
45-49 3hrs 20min 3hrs 50min
50-54 3hrs 25min 3hrs 55min
55-59 3hrs 35min 4hrs 05min
60-64 3hrs 50min 4hrs 20min
65-69 4hrs 05min 4hrs 35min
70-74 4hrs 20min 4hrs 50min
75-79 4hrs 35min 5hrs 05min
80+ 4hrs 50min 5hrs 20min

VERY good. Too bad the BAA (Boston Anal Assholes) don't have a sense of humor.
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