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Well, pinhead. Here is something for you to chew on from a 50 yr old:
I currently run 40 mpw. I run sub 17:00 for local 5k's. And, I have never stayed for one awards ceremony.

Having said all of that here is what I think of the 20-30 group that runs around my neck of the woods: pussies!

They run 16 minutes or even 15:45 and think they are hot sh!t. I can remember running 15:30 in a LOCAL 5k in the 80's and not even getting third in my age group.

The runners today are not as a whole as good as the runners who are in their late 40's to 60's. It was a much larger number of runners.

so, go pump your fist at your age of 26 while you out kick a 50 year old for the 17 minute dream. Pump your fist proud. Why not? It seems everyone else your age does when they run mediocre times.

I'm glad I was competitve when I was. Because if I was 25 today, I'd have no incentive to run hard. They are all pussies!
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