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Anything to aid with/complement your recovery, chiropractor or otherwise, is well worth it. You are still very early on, in my opinion. I've been going for ART therapy which has been great in dealing with tightness and scar tissue/soft tissue problems. I highly recommend it. As a matter of fact, he did some great work on my hip today. The guy I see is a chiropractor -- so I can go in for an adjustment, ART, and he gives me rehab exercises also.

Just so there isn't any confusion, when I said that many of us have been on the sidelines for months and years, I was referring to pre-surgery. My doctor (Jeff Hoadley in Atlanta) was very upfront with me that my rehab would probably take longer. He said, obviously that I don't have a pro athlete's body -- so I had to be realistic. He said it was possible for full recovery in 4-8 weeks. I wasn't misled in any way. But I see a lot of these protocols, and they are meant for pros. That's why I cringe when I see 2-4 week recovery times. For those of us who have been out for a long time, there is no way to correct all the deficiencies that existed before the injury and as a result of the injury, in that short amount of time.

The other thing is that you have to be very dedicated and patient in your rehab. I've been very frustrated at times because the process is not very fast. I have to keep in mind that it took my body almost 18 months to reach the point where I needed surgery. So to think that I was going to recover in a matter of weeks was far-fetched -- although I was hopeful.

The one thing I would recommend to everyone is getting a Go-Fit exercise ball and Go-Fit bands. I think these have been an important part of my recovery because of the areas that are so well targeted. You can get a video with the ball and instruction book with the bands. There are a ton of exercises. I just got the Core X system also, but I haven't gotten fully involved in it yet.

I'm hoping to play my first organized soccer game in a few weeks if all goes well. I'll keep you posted. But the good news is that I can jog, run, and play pickup games -- which I haven't been able to do in almost two years.

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