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I suffered a terrible groin injury during a rugby match almost seven months ago and was diagnosed with a sports hernia four months ago. I saw the doctors, got the MRIs, stopped working out for months, saw physical therapists yet nothing seemed to work.

After my last visit with the orthopedic surgeon, we decided on surgery, but not until I tried my last ditch effort: prolotherapy. Since my prolo treatment started, I\\\\\\\'ve noticed a BIG improvement. I\\\\\\\'m not 100% yet, but have been hitting the gym for the last 2 weeks like the old days and am experiencing little to no pain during or after.

I did notice some mild pain today (1 or 2 on a scale to 10), but for the most part feeling great.

I\\\\\\\'ve been reading this blog and commiserating with everyone and wish everyone success. But, if you\\\\\\\'re out of options and have the cash, I\\\\\\\'d really really suggest trying prolotherapy.

I\\\\\\\'m seeing the prolo doctor again in 2 weeks and will update people on whether or not the results I experience last.

Best of luck to everyone and stay positive!
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