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Although I am not a fan, I will build my case on Iona winning this year. For one, it seems so certain who the best teams are right up until conference/regionals; then at Nationals there is always a surprise, but not an unexpected surprise. What no one takes into consideration is that Iona is in the NE without the intense competition, but that gives them the room to train as hard as they want without much expectation and interruption and to also rest when they need to. I believe they are one of the few teams that peak perfectly for the National meet. This year, there is no missing link in the team like in previous seasons. There are enough good guys and they are all hungry and they know no one cares or is looking for them to be at the top of the podium. Also, it seems like they finally learned how to run together. Those elements will make a difference, I guarantee you. Whoever doubts their ability is dead wrong.
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