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hey everyone

i'm back from munich where i had surgery with Dr. Muschaweck. for my impressions, basically see the post by ozhammer a few pages back -- my sentiments exactly. dr. M and her whole staff are extremely professional not to mention nice and the whole experience was great (well, having surgery wassn't exactly pleasant, but relatively speaking...)

i ended up having the surgery on my left side only. dr. M said she could defect a very small sports hernia developing on the right side and there is a good chance i will need surgery on that side eventually, but i decided to take my chances for now. this is another sucky thing about this injury -- dr. M says that 70% of those who get SH on one side will get it on the other at same point.

i took a slow 40 minute walk on day 1 post-surgery. on day 5 i went for a very short and light jog, and was pleased to find that i only had a bit of discomfort. today is day six, and beyond typical post-surgery soreness and swelling i feel really good. it's way too early to tell yet, but my feeling is that i'm on my way back to 100%.

i got a lot of really good advice from people i found on this thread when i was thinking about going to see dr. M (obviously a pretty big decision). if you have any questions feel free to email me at yleeper at gmail and i will help you in any way i can.

best of luck to you all.
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