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Hi John,

Thanks for your response. I'm pretty much pain free now after 6 days, I did the elyptical for 25 mn yesterday at a fairly high rpm and i didn't wake up with any abdominal pain. I'm praying it's just tenderness that I felt as I think I over did it last weekend. Ran 2 miles on Friday, played basketball for 1 hour on Saturday, did crunch sit ups on a high incline and did free waits. So I'm hoping I simply over did it. I think I probably do have a sprots hernia that's what my orthopedist said 2 years ago but with some folks symptons come and go. 2 years ago i did drive up to Dr. Meyers in Philladelphia but by the time I saw him the pain pretty much was gone.

I think my abdominal wall muscles are tender so I need to be carefull as far as what excericeses I do and chose them appropriately. Well I'll see what happens in the weeks ahead, i'll play soccer again and i if I have these symptons again, F it i'll spend $5000 fly to Germany & have her do her surgery. The ONLY thing about seeing her is that let's say she examines me and does the surgery & once i fly back here to the States if I need to follow up with her one does one do? See another Dr who has no idea about this condition?

Thanks for your comments,
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