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kozy wrote:

Good for you,
I started the rehab Thursday and woke up Friday very sore. When I was walking in the pool and doing the exercises...I thought what's the point I don't even feel it. I am still sore today. I followed it to a T and feel pretty beat up. Not sure why. I also rolled about 1000 ground ball to my team and that probably lent to it. Bending over sucks. I can't to either I squat like a women in a skirt, but hopefully i will turn another corner. Keep me posted.

kozy, I started the rehab Friday (2 weeks). I did the pool walking with the senior citizens and then I actually swam ten easy laps (500yds) with no flip turns. After that I water-jogged in the dive pool for 5 minutes. That went fine, but I was definitely sorer on Saturday. I think the soreness following exercise is par for the course and will be with me for a while.

I can no bend down to my left and tie my shoe, so that is progress. I think I'm a little better off than you right now because my case was not nearly as bad and I only had one side done.
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