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i think we're all curious on that one. obviously if a sports hernia can heal with rest/rehab we would all opt for that. what we're realizing is that in most if not all cases rest/rehab is not an option if you want to get back to 100%. this is a confusing and disheartening realization - most of us are athletes and are used to our bodies being able to heal itself. in fact i've never heard of a muscle-related injury that wouldn't completely heal over time. until now.

RunDaddy - i have read articles like that too. and if you read back on this thread you will find a couple people saying they recovered without surgery (one person mentioned changing shoes i think, another had a special rehab exercise, etc.) however, i now wonder if they really had full-blown sports hernias. the top experts on this (Dr. Muschaweck in germany, Dr. Meyers in Philly and etc.) all seem to agree that if you have SH it won't go away with rest/rehab. this is substantiated by most of the posters on this thread.

my left groin/left lower ab started hurting back in late november. i completely shut down sports activity and the pain has definitely gotten better in the 1.5 months since. so i tried it in a game of ultimate frisbee (lots of running and cutting) last weekend, and the pain returned quickly. i've been sore and stiff since, and what's worse the pain and discomfort has spread to the right groin and to the left hip/backside area. i guess these are both consistent with sports hernia. when i squeeze my legs together now i feel pretty sharp pain on both sides.

tdott-99 - best of luck with your surgery. do you know what kind of surgical methods Dr. brown uses, i.e. mesh or suture? do you have his email contact info (i'd like to ask him some questions directly)? in response to your question, i know i have heard dr. brown's name mentioned somewhere in this thread, you might want to take 30 min or so and read back.
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