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sgh wrote:

To correctly get a blackbelt by obtaining the discipline of strength and mind I would say 10+ years. To get a blackbelt just to have a black belt where in reality all you have is the ability to do a couple kicks, then 2-4 years.

GHB (or sgh, whatever you call yourself) you and Not Jake Lamotta must like rubbing each others groin. There is nothing wrong with "every 8 year old in the suburbs" taking Karate. What would you rather have them doing? riding skateboards on your frontyard fence.

Karate is a great, even for young kids. Those who are serious will keep it going, long after that black belt is wrapped around their waist. They'll maintain and add to the discipline, strength, and mindset. Hopefully it will keep them from posting on

-Robert Reed
Sachse, Texas
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