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RE: What is up with UW Women's Program? (AGAIN)
Washington finished 4th in the women's scoring at this year's Pac-12 Championships. Why should that be a problem?

Sure, if something about the program is ruining young womens' lives, the university would be concerned. But in sports, people get injured, and I see no proof that UW is worse than most.

Why is no one asking why the head coaches haven't been fired at programs that finished below UW this year? Starting from the lowest women's scoring teams: Utah, Oregon St., WSU, Cal, Arizona, Stanfurd, Ariz. St., and UCLA?

In combined scoring (both sexes), as all Pac-12 programs are combined now, starting from the bottom: Arizona, Stanfurd, WSU, Cal, and Ariz. St. Are any of those coaches expected to be fired, in the minds of the experts here?

Then why should the UW coach be fired? Speak up!
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