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RE: Maybe we won't have to wait until Sunday?

East Sheen Dweller wrote:

An extract of the report was posted (and then later taken down) with cadence data for his faster runs (sub 9 mins/mile) up until when Asher posted his observations on here.

Almost of the faster runs have an implausibly low cadence, even for a slow walk (RY's recorded cadence for the vast majority of these fast runs was between 0 and 50, many less than 30).

RY must've been forced to hand over all data (perhaps told that he would have to repay all costs to Skins if he didn't?) because there is no way he would've voluntarily handed over this data, it's very damming.

It's disappointing that Skins have delayed publication but I guess we can wait another couple of days for the full report, it looks like it will make interesting reading!

Please tell me you got a screenshot. This is orgasmic. I cannot contain myself.
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