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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
Congratulations to Asher for starting this thread. Before we go any further, please educate yourselves--if you're newbies to the cross-America thing--by reading BUNION DERBY:


Or just watch videos about this famous first big-publicity race across America:




At bare minimum, LR forumites can perform a public service by showing up to cheer on--or note the absence of--the runner in question. Come on, guys (and gals). This is what this community is her for. Are you going to let a limey claim the prize? First they send over Clapton and Mayall and the Beatles and the Stones: "the British blues invasion."

As though they have anything to teach us about the blues!

Now this.

Come on. This is silly. Somebody please call up Dean Karnazes. Better yet: fly him in and have him dog this guy.
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