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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
The Telegraph

Nearly four days of continuous running later, with 373.75 miles completed and the previous record smashed, Young had to be stopped due to fears he was having a heart attack. “If one of those doctors had given me a tiny bit of wriggle room I would have gone on,” he says. “Four hundred miles was definitely possible.” Beat that, Eddie Izzard.

What is remarkable is that Young made it so far given the pain he had to endure. “First my legs went. Then I started to see seals in the middle of the road. White blobs became black dots which then became whatever they were – a tree, or a lamp post. Finally it felt like my entire upper body was being compressed into a tiny space.” Flagging at around 300 miles, he was staggering slowly across the road. He asked for six double espressos with 15 sugars. Just like that, he was running five-minute miles again. Imagine how much farther he could have gone with a bit of planning and proper nutrition"

Yeah, five minute miles after running 373 miles in 4 days while hallucinating.

And the newspapers eat this shite up.
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