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RE: Making a treadmill running deck
I have a NordicTrack. The running board was causing a horrible noise. There is a sheet of plastic over the running board that has crack/tears. I could see all I needed was that plastic sheet. I couldn't see from any posts how to replace this part. I called NordicTrack and asked them and two told me I needed to replace the entire deck, $250 plus $60 shipping. I was told the new board comes with the plastic sheet. On the second call I asked if there was anyone to ask if I could just replace the plastic sheet or if they could tell me what material was used. She did and returned stating that they have a "Mylar Fix Kit." The kit was $50 plus about $15 for shipping. Sounded good to me. I ordered (happy I wasn't having to pay for the entire running board. I got off the phone and looked up the Treadmill Mylar fix kit. $17 + shipping. I cancelled the previous and am ecstatic I found the solution. If someone else put it together, there is a way to repair it.
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