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RE: Making a treadmill running deck
My Precor is a commercial grade treadmill, it has a 1" thick " MDF" core deck
that is laminated on both sides. There are "different GRADES" of "MDF" if I were to go to a supplier I would request "INDUSTRIAL" strength "MDF" It might be important to end up with the same "THICKNESS" as oringinal deck, because that was how it was designed. The reason people think melamine is a good substitute is that both sides can have melamine on them, but the main reason is cost! There are different qualities and different materials in the core, but you are probably wasting your time """ DON'T""" use melamine.
Call the manuf. of your treadmill and talk to tech.support and they will tell the materials in your deck. It is more economical to replace deck from Treadmill Doctor than to buy the "RIGHT" materials to make a quality deck.
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