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RE: Making a treadmill running deck
Hi, maybe I can help. I own two Precor treadmills. They are designed to flip the deck when first side wears out. They have 1" thick industrial strength MDF ( medium density fiberboard) I contacted Precor and they told me the material that they laminate to MDF, I can't remember exactly what the name was but you could ask a cabinet shop or laminate counter top fabricator and they could lay this up for you or sell u materials. You could do it yourself and buy materials from local plywood supplier and laminate yourself. 3/4" is probably to thin to hold up to pounding. You would also want to find out what kind of contact glue is used water based or solvent?
The problem with hard wood is expansion across the width and delamination of glue joints. I would call Precor and they would tell what technical name of what black plastic is. MDF comes in 4'x 8' or 5'x 10' and larger sheets and is heavy. Local cabinet shop might have smaller piece left over that fits your size closer, and would sell it to you. I can tell you how to lay up If you find it feasible to do yourself. Also you will have to do both sides or you risk warping or as you have experienced, cracking. Or as you said, buy new one. Good luck.
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