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RE: I'm breaking my rule: Second Kip Litton Thread - Can someone please tell me what's up?

Viginia Lover wrote:

Not taking sides here but I can vouch for Kip Litton for the first 22 miles of the 2004 Richmond Marathon. We both ran in a 3:10 pace group of about 10 guys. We were all together for the first 10-12 miles then one by one some of the guys fell off. There were 4 of us & the group leader around mile 22 when Kip & another dude dropped us. I never saw him after that but he finished in 3:08. Can someone explain to me how a dude could cheat when surrounded by 5-10 guys for 22 miles? I'm all ears...

that was well before the well-documented cheating.

and evidence that he's not capable of the low-to-mid 2:50's

Richmond is an easy course to cut, but hard to cut and get away with it, with the chip mat at 20 miles quite a ways out from the finish.
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