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RE: I'm breaking my rule: Second Kip Litton Thread - Can someone please tell me what's up?
Sorry ROJO, they aren't deniers. They are liars whether they are Kip himself or not.

The guy has no defense. I have run for years and have never seen such utter non-sense.

His child has nothing to do with it. His child is innocent and didn't cause this, he did so stop bring his kid up "reality in prospective"

I take running seriously and don't like when people take awards and glory away from someone who worked their a** off!

He accepted the interview with the New Yorker because he knew he wouldn't be pressed. Showing a picture of him walking on the shoulder of the road at Boston says what? A LOT!!!!!

I could cheat if I wanted to also and never be "actually" caught, it's really not that hard when you just deny, deny, deny the obvious.

Any innocent person would have come forward to explain, but he knows the average person will push him with tough questions and he'll bail.

Taking a wrong turn at the CRIM!!!!, now I've heard it all.
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