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RE: I'm breaking my rule: Second Kip Litton Thread - Can someone please tell me what's up?

In plain site wrote:

To the knuckleheads who keep mentioning that starting late in the races shows he cheated. You don't know very much about this case. It is fairly common knowledge that Kip's fund raising was based on the number of runners he passed in the race. If he didn't start as close to the back as he could, then he wouldn't pass as many runners. That's the only reason, plain and simple.

buffalo street runner wrote:

This is the fund raising for the CF charity, right? The charity that said in the New Yorker article that the Littons had only donated $20 to since 2004.

Where is all this money from these fund raising efforts?

Such an EXCELLENT question.

Yet, there is never... an... answer!

He claimed a "need" to start at the back, because "donations were being made according to how many people he passed". Not in one race, mind you, but race after race. That was the story.

Yet, after all those races - $20 donated? Hmmm...
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