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RE: I'm breaking my rule: Second Kip Litton Thread - Can someone please tell me what's up?

Fast Forward wrote:

Crimster wrote:

Everything was his choice, including the cheating. No one framed the story, instead facts were laid out, including pictures, split times, race director emails, disqualified races, etc....to the nth degree.

Anyone who knows anything about it knows he cheated. It wasn't a hoax.

Cutting the course at the Bobby Crim 10 miler??? Ironically, a race that raises money for Special Olympics, that's low.

I've ran his times and faster at that race. No one should have any opportunity or logical reason for going off the course, period. And oddly, he's from the area and had ran it before.

He framed the story himself, no one else did. He framed it when he chose to cheat.

Dr Litton cheated, repeatedly, over a number of years in multiple states. He made up a reason for leaving the course (an ache), cutting across town & crossing the Crim finish in 56+ min in '09. He made up a reason for cutting the course during the '09 (7 weeks later) Detroit Free Press Marathon relay saying, 'I must've followed somebody.'

He repeatedly lied about his methods & fabricated existence of a few races, most famously the West Wyoming Marathon. Not once did he offer a plausible explanation for a suspicious performance. Never. Think: if you felt you were innocent, knew you were and were unhappy you were going to have your story played out in a major magazine, wouldn't you promptly deliver reasonable explanations for all you were accused of? Of course you would. Kip didn't.

Somebody said he should've come clean & this would've quickly blown over. He was offered the chance to let 'the truth set him free' long before Mark Singer came along - and he chose silence. His silence and bullshit explanations for things eventually bit him in the ass.

And yet, to this day, kip, Dan baxley, Kip's wife and kid on twitter all believe he didn't cheat
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