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Road Racing and Training Thread - Week Ending 12/30
Happy Holidays to all!

Goal: Stay healthy
Goal Race: Gettysburg Marathon (4/28)
Goal Time: 2:55-3:00
Next race: Northeast Roadrunner 10k (3/3)

Week 1 of 18

M - 7 easy (7:35)
Tu - Off (Merry Christmas!)
W - 11 easy (8:19)with lots of hills
Th - 6 easy (8:06)
F - 8 easy (7:49)
Sa - 9 total, with 2mi warmup, 8x600m (2:06-:07) w/400 recoveries (2:05-:10), 2mi cooldown
Su - 8 recovery (8:15)

Weekly Total: 49 miles

Excellent first week of official marathon training. Hope everyone else had a great week.
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