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RE: The Curious Case of Dr David Kip Litton

Back at square one wrote:

Mr. Singer:

Glad to see you here. You need tougher skin. I was merely suggesting that your tactics were unusual and sloppy, and that if Litton was really guilty, you could have taken a more honest and straight forward approach. You neglected to even ask about many suspicious races.

Are you denying the emails where after you blast Litton for cheating in Boston, you then admit that your investigation was sloppy and incomplete, and that after examining it further, that it was not a smoking gun? I can post it here if you claim otherwise.

I still look forward to reading the article, albeit through Singer colored glasses.

Mark gave you every opportunity to clear your name and you failed to do so. I gave you every opportunity to clear your name and you failed to do so. Multiple RD's, officials and friends of yours, all who had direct contact w/you, have given you opportunities to clear your name - and you failed to do so. This coming clean part appears to be very hard for you to come to grips with. That, to a degree, it might 'set you free' isn't something on your radar. Yours is a tale of strange, pervasive race deceit. There's no explaining it, at least as far as anybody I've talked to can figure.

Mark is right - you'll continue to deny this whole thing which will add a further fog of sadness to your image. We don't wish this on you - however, digging your hole deeper does you no favors. Nobody wanted to write a story about you, but, finally, you brought it on yourself.

Pleasant reading tomorrow my friends!
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