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oh, really? wrote:

Please understand that Back at square one is without question Kip Litton. For a long while now, his trolling has been increasingly bizarre and hysterical. And he will continue to troll, in various guises as he has ever since this thread began long after the rest of the world has lost all interest. His story is sad and he is a sad man. With the obvious unfortunate exception of illnesses experienced by his children, he is the sole architect of his difficulties.

My article about him in The New Yorker will be published Monday (July 30), in the issue dated August 6, 2012. It will also be available on our website (www.newyorker.com), but behind a paywall accessible only to subscribers.

It speaks for itself.


This is the real Mark Singer. My article is actually coming out Monday, August 6 in the issue dated August 20.

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