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RE: Dr David Kip Litton

Back at square one wrote:
Emails still coming in. Before reading these exchanges between Singer and Litton I was FIRMLY planted in the CHEATING camp. I am beginning to wonder now. Singer has done some weird/unethical things.

I call BS on you, read the SOKLR site, statistically how many phantom races can someone be listed in the results for by accident?
Delaware Marathon RD blog http://races2run.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/world-record-runkip-litton.html

I have run several hundred races, not one DQ, if I go off course I retrace my steps, I've never once run with a number covered, never once changed outfits, never once had a chip fail to register at a mat. Just one DQ would be a pretty crushing experience.

Why would someone wait 5 minutes to cross a line disguised as a casual bystander with number hidden? The BS answer that they are being sponsored in terms of how many people they pass does not require a disguise or hidden number.
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